Friday, January 9, 2009

YUMMY............California Roll

When i saw the name for this yarn, i knew i needed it. I am the biggest california roll addict int he world. I make it at least 3-4 times a month if not more. I love to eat california rolls when ever i get the chance.

With my Dh's family they are from Culican, Mexico and they live right near the beach and everytime they come up they bring us tons of fresh shrimp from the bay. Man i think i fell in love them for that reason. LOL I'm just kidding they are great In-Laws and i i love them to death.

So when i saw this yarn i had to beg my Dh to get it for me for xmas, btu he kept saying no. So i finally went and just bought it for myself for xmas. LOL int he long run he was upset but he still loves me LOL. But here are my awesome and most delicious pair of longies i have ever made. The yarn is rough but i think after a few washes and lanolizing they will become soft enough for my little bean to wear.

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