Saturday, March 28, 2009

Texy's Rainbow Capri's

I had dyed this yarn when i dyed some others and i told myself that iw ould wait to knit it up till i got done with all the trades that i have up and going. Well it was istting there stairing at me fromt eh bin it was living in for a few weeks and i finally jumped at it and knit her some capri's. I have some left over and think i might make Tyvor some shorts so that he and Texy have some matching clothes.

Skirtie/Blanket Trade

And here is what i got in the trade for the skitie. Texy and Tyvor love it. So i am doing another trade for another blanket for Tyvor. Tyvor wanted to go to sleep with the blanket last night and wouldnt let Texy have the blanket. It was so cute.

And Taryn loved the bow that it came tied in. She wanted it in her hair right away. LOL

Skirtie Trade

Well i found a blanket that i loved and figured i could ask the mom that made it if she would do a trade with me for some wool that i make. Well to my surprise she agreed. I was so excited and couldnt wait, so i got to work on her yarn and dyed it up and then after i had gotten done with the previous longies, i started the skirtie and man it turned out so awesome. Here are a few pics and of the baby that it went too, Addie.

Dragonfly Longies

These are for a friend of mine that is converting diapers for me so i am knitting up some things for her. So far i have done her a hat and 2 longies, and i have a piar of longies and 2 hats left to do. That i really need to get done. But here are a few pics of her Dragon Fly Longies.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dyed yarn

Well i got back to dying yarn and am so in love with doing it again. LOL The above yarn is for another mom that i am doing a trade with. I am needing to dye some purple for the soaker and the trim on the skirtie that i am making her and then i am using the same trim color purple for the yarn below to make Texy a skirtie. I am so excited to get these knit up i cant wait ot see how they turn out.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Action Shots of Monster Pants!!

We went to the birthday party of the friend that i made the capri monster pants for and i got some action shots of her in them too. She loved them so much!!!! But hse wanted to get back toplaying so she was a bit grumpy while trying them on. LOL

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Friends Daughters B-day present

I had given a firend of mines daughter a pair of Ty's old patns that i had knitted aht didnt fit him anymore and this little girl fell in love with the pants. They were monster shorts. They ahd a monster on the butt of the shorts and she calls them her "GRRRRRRRR!!!!!" pants. So for her bday tomorrow i made her some more girly ones and better fitting. LOL