Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Longies to Fish

One day i left Tyvor's longies at my moms house and her maid washed them and the felted horribly bad. They were a size medium and went felted toa size newborn and barely fix Texy. Well i went to put them on Texy today and they didnt fit her. So i decided to get crafty with them. And since they are felted the yarn doesnt come apart so i decided to make fish fro Texy to use as teething toys and for the kids to play with. Well here they are from when they were Ty's pants to felting to the new toys i made out of them.

Pink Skirite/Blanket Trade

Myself and Anber from MonsterFluff Studios www.hyenacart.com/monsterfluffstudio have been doing a couple trades and they have turned out so awesome. This skirtie was made for her daughter and she made my little guy a baseball blanket. It turned out so damn cute and got here today just in time for my little man to take it to his nap with him.

I had put him downa dn when i walked out of his room i saw the postal man coming to my door and it was his blanket. So i ran it up to him and let him sleep with it. He started screaming out "BALL" when he saw it cuz it has a little baseball bear on it adn on the back of the blanket is old newspaper lippings of baseball stuff. He loved it and so do I!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much Amber!!!!!

I'll get pictures of Ty with the blanket when he wakes up.

Now for the pictures of the skirtie!

Monsterly Love!!!

Here are a few brothers that all love each other but are being seperated by families. I had a fun time making them and hope they get a lot of love from their new owners.

Brothers or Monsters they all love each other. Hence the Monsterly LOVE!!!!!!

I started out making the blue monster shorties and when i got done with them i realized that i would have enough to mkae some more out of the three same colors and decided to rearranget eh colors and make 2 more pair of shorties. Well the orange shorties came out and they were for Tyvor and still realized i had more yarn left over to make another pair of monster shorties so they are on the needles right now as i am typing them.

Pair 1- Blue face, orange mouth and eyes. These were made for a trade of the Hurley outfits for the girls.

Pair 2- Orange face, green mouth and eyes. These were made for Tyvor and he is loving them to death. They have already been washed twice and need another shving. He always wants them on and throws a fit for them on.

Pair 3- Green face, blue mouth and eyes. These pair are going to be for the store that i open up in June.

Licorice Twist Skirtie

This skirtie is dyed by me in all the different colors and it is on Licorice twist yarn. One strand of the 3 ply dyes darker than the rest of it.. Its so awesome but doesnt really show up when knitted. Oh well i still love it!!
I am going to make some more out of this yarn as well, I had 6 oz of this yarn to start out with and still have a whole bunch left. This skirt is going to go with a shirt and diaper that i ordered from a mom and we did a trade for them. Taryn and Texy will have matching outfits and they are going to look so darn cute. I cant wait for it to come in the mail sometime this week!!!

Customs going to one house!!

Man am i happy for these to be out of my house and in thier new home. I am happy to finally be done with all of these. I had the yarn sent to me in February and finally got htem done the end of AprilSo took me a few months to get 3 longies, 3 headbands, and 3 hats done. But with further ado, here is the set that went to a great mom that converted my diapers for me.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Skirt from Aunt Hollie

Well my Aunt was so kind to buy some yarn for my to knit up a skirty for my little girl. So this is the outfit from my Aunt Hollie and Uncle Pacer for Texy's birth. Ya i know a bit late but i have had soem other projects going and finally gto this upa nd done. It turned out so cute and i love it.