Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pink Skirite/Blanket Trade

Myself and Anber from MonsterFluff Studios www.hyenacart.com/monsterfluffstudio have been doing a couple trades and they have turned out so awesome. This skirtie was made for her daughter and she made my little guy a baseball blanket. It turned out so damn cute and got here today just in time for my little man to take it to his nap with him.

I had put him downa dn when i walked out of his room i saw the postal man coming to my door and it was his blanket. So i ran it up to him and let him sleep with it. He started screaming out "BALL" when he saw it cuz it has a little baseball bear on it adn on the back of the blanket is old newspaper lippings of baseball stuff. He loved it and so do I!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much Amber!!!!!

I'll get pictures of Ty with the blanket when he wakes up.

Now for the pictures of the skirtie!

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