Monday, January 26, 2009

Bloomers for my TexyAnn

While I was searching for yarn for Tyvor's red/grey longies i found this brown twist and chocolate and wanted to make some longies for TexyAnn and as i went along making them i thought i would try a new technique in knitting and decided to try the cable. So i made the cuffs have the cables in the cuff and a little ruffle to make it look like bloomers. I am planning to order some more chocolate yarn and make her a dress to match them for church. But here is what they look like and will soon(hopefully) have a baby girl to try them on.

Red/Grey Longies

I loved how Tyvors blue longies turned out that i decided to make him some more and so i went searching fro yarn in all the yarn i have and decided on some yarn i had gotten from Knit Picks( This is the same pattern i used for the other pair he has and i love how they fit on him.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Reminds me of the leaves

I wasnt so sure about this yarn when i got it, but it was way soft and i loved how it felt. So i jsut figured i'd start a newborn pari of longies for my Texy. But here is what it came out like and I LOVE THEM! There also really small, i cant believe how small they are, i usually do a size newborn waist with a size small body and leg cuz my babies tend to be long and skinny but i decided to do a size newborn for when she is first born. Thank you for looking.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Kiwi strawberry Longies

I bought this yarn loving it int he skein. But when i started to knit them up my mind totally changed. It started to pool together and i didnt like it very much, But a friend of mine told me to kep going on them. But these longies would be my toughest yet. I frogged them 3 times and still didnt know if i wanted to go on with them. But here is what they came out like. i love the legs and the body is wearin on me.

Size: Small
Inseam: 7 in

A snuggly for new baby

I got this great idea to make the new baby a blanket that she can snuggle to since each of my other kids have two or three of them, its just small foot by foot blanket. with a little something at the top of it to hold on to. Here are a few pics, its not quite done yet since my sewing machine broke and i need my DH to fix it but hasnt yet. LOL lazy guys.

Traveling outifts for the kids

We went to go visit my In-Laws down in MExico and i decided to make my kids some traveling outifts. The shirts i had made for the pants they wore. But i knitted the pants up fro them.

Skirtie made to early....LOL

Well i had once had my mind set on opening a store fro my wool that i knit and well it never sold, and thank god this once piece didnt cuz now i have ababy girl of my own coming soon that could ues these. LOL I love them and cant wait for her to wear them. they are a size small.

Previous knitting

Here are a few of my 2008 knitting projects:


Surf's Up
Red/Black Gauchos

Some for the Little Man

Well i finally felt bad for not knitting my DS anything and everything was for the new baby. So with some of the yarn that i got fro Christmas i mad ehis some longies and I LOVE THEM!~!~ They fit him perfectly and it only took me two days to get them done. Since we hadnt cloth diapered for 5 months he hadnt needed any wool but now that we are home i figured he needed some longies. He has tons of shorties that we put leggings under but i watned to make him some longies. And he loves them too. They are so soft, but still need to be lanolized.

Here are a few pics of him and them.

Hudson Hats

When i saw the Hudson hats i knew i wanted to make them for ym two oldest kids. SO off i went to find the pattern and get them going. I was in Dallas with my DH and stuck in a hotel for 2 months with my kids and sat and knitted them up. SO here are my hudson hats for my kids.

A few Christmas girfts

Well my DH had been begging me for a knitted hat for years since i started to knit mid 2006 close to the end of 2006. And i for some reason can sit and knit longies for hours on end and be fine, but when it comes to knitting a hat the decreases mess me up terribly. I have attempted two otehr hats fro ym DH and neither had turned out. So i finally decided to sit downa nd concentrate on this hat fro my DH. Well i did and once again when i reached the decreases i low and behold messed up. But got it to look decent and finished it. Well that hat ended up not fitting my DH's big head so i wrapped that up and gave it to my 14 yr BIL. He loved it cuz it matched his brothers that i made another one of. So in the long run i made two of the same hat but different sizes and the second one that i made for my DH fit him this time and he loves it and wears it everywhere.

Another Christmas gift that i decided to make was for my two older kids(3 1/2 and 16 months). They were fun to make but took about a week and half. I made them while we were in Dallas with my DH on his job venture. But here are a few pics of them. On one side is the Upper case letters and on the other side is the lower case alphabet. They are also bean bags so they can have fun with them as well.

Alphabet Bean Bags

YUMMY............California Roll

When i saw the name for this yarn, i knew i needed it. I am the biggest california roll addict int he world. I make it at least 3-4 times a month if not more. I love to eat california rolls when ever i get the chance.

With my Dh's family they are from Culican, Mexico and they live right near the beach and everytime they come up they bring us tons of fresh shrimp from the bay. Man i think i fell in love them for that reason. LOL I'm just kidding they are great In-Laws and i i love them to death.

So when i saw this yarn i had to beg my Dh to get it for me for xmas, btu he kept saying no. So i finally went and just bought it for myself for xmas. LOL int he long run he was upset but he still loves me LOL. But here are my awesome and most delicious pair of longies i have ever made. The yarn is rough but i think after a few washes and lanolizing they will become soft enough for my little bean to wear.

A few other knitted items for new baby

I have been on a roll with making ym new baby girl some longies. Here are a few more pictures of waht else i have made. Either it be size newborn or small. and i am still in the process of knitting a small pair of longies.

First up is a skirtie i made from handspun yarn from Handspun Harvest. I loved how the yarn looked int he skein but i dont really like it knitted up. I might use it a few times on Texy(new baby due Feb 1st) and then since its Christmasy colored i think im going to frog it and make a stocking for Christmas for one of the kids.

Next is a pair of longies i also knitted while in Lubbock with my DH. They are yellow, orange, and red and have a cute ruffle bum on them. Has elastic waist in it.

Knitting for a third baby

Ever since i found out i was having a third baby i couldnt wait to find out waht the gender of the baby was so that i could start knitting whatevre came to my mind for the baby. So here are a few of what i have done while being at home with my 2 kids running around.

These longies i knitted while i was stuck in Lubbock, TX with my DH who had been sent out fro training fro his new job. They had told us he would be gone from August 15th to October 15th possibly the 1st of November. But the first of October rolled around and me and the kids missed him so we took a drive north thru Texas to go see him. So while i was in Lubbock with him i went out and bought me some new needles and yarn and started to knit. I never knew how fast newborn longies would go since i had never knit that small before.

When i started these longies it ook me awhile to decide what i watned to do, but i knew i watned it to be her coming home outfit. So i made it really girly and i loved the stripes. So int eh end i decided to make a hat to go with it. And all that is left is to find a really cute shirt to go with the star on the butt of the longies.

And a cute little hat to come home in or to wear for the first time.