Friday, January 9, 2009

A few other knitted items for new baby

I have been on a roll with making ym new baby girl some longies. Here are a few more pictures of waht else i have made. Either it be size newborn or small. and i am still in the process of knitting a small pair of longies.

First up is a skirtie i made from handspun yarn from Handspun Harvest. I loved how the yarn looked int he skein but i dont really like it knitted up. I might use it a few times on Texy(new baby due Feb 1st) and then since its Christmasy colored i think im going to frog it and make a stocking for Christmas for one of the kids.

Next is a pair of longies i also knitted while in Lubbock with my DH. They are yellow, orange, and red and have a cute ruffle bum on them. Has elastic waist in it.

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