Thursday, December 31, 2009

Blakc/Orange Skull Longies

These were a trade i did for a mama on DS!!

Sock Key Chain

I made this for my mom for mothers day!!! I also made her one that says "Mimi of 3" she is a grandma of 3 but likes to be called Mimi. And i made me one that says MOM OF 3

3 Little Monsters

I made these little stuffed monsters for my little monsters!!!

Goldfish Longies

I made these as a trade and love how they turned out. I gave texy's goldfish headband with it since i didnt have enough to make her one!!

Texy's Goldfish Outfit!!

Newborn Longies for Cassie

I made these for my bestfriend who was due with her third baby. She has since had her baby on Nov 29th. They are way cute on her baby and she says they are her favorite longies on her baby!!

Sibling Black Monter Longies

These were for a trade and the mama wanted matching longies for her boys!!

Last minute hat for MIL

Used same pattern as the other hats for Christmas!!!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Texy red, purple, skitie longies

This was fun to make and see how it pooled or if it would. I love the skirtie longie look. And since sinter is in full force these are great.

Custom knit monsters

The mom and i did a trade and she sent me the yarn to make these longies. And she made Taryn a couple sets of lunch box reusable bags. It was fun to knit these and the extra balls with the left over yarn.

Family socks

Here is just a picture of all of us with our socks on!! The patterns are in the previous sock posts.

Snow Flake Longies

I made these for Texy for Christmas morning using my pattern. And the yarn is blue merino wool, and the white is cascade 220 natural. I also made a shirt to go withe them. I lov e how it all turned out!!

Grumpy, The coal!!!

My one brother deserved a piece of coal for Christmas so i made him this piece. from this pattern:

Teething rings for Texy

Texy got these knit for her for her teething and were stocking stuffers for her Christmas!!

Hats for Chritsmas for family

I decided to make hats for all of my family this year fro Christmas. They loved them all and wear them sicne i gave them to them.

Harley Davidson Longies

I made these for Tyvor out of cascade 220 and my own pattern. He loves them and wears them all the time.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My first completed pair of socks.

So i tried to knit a sock back in may for my husbands birthday present but i got it done and it fit me perfectly but he couldnt get it on. LOL SO i had to frog it and never wanted to start again. So i figured with Christmas coming up i could attempt again and they turned out great. And i had enough yarn left over to make my son a pair as well. So daddy and don have matching socks.

Here is the pattern i used:

CO 76
Knit 3 purl 1 for 20 rounds
Knit the next 22 rounds
worked a short row heel with 36 stitches
Knit 20 rows
Knit 1 Purl 1 for 20 rounds
Knit for 20 rounds

Now for the toe decrease:
I have the beggining of my round starting at one side of the heel and all the heel sts are on one needle and those sts are the bottom of the foot and then teh other 36 sts are divided up on two needles.

So for a decrease row:
N1- knit 1 k2tog knit to the last 3 sts and ssk, knit one
N2- knit 1 k2tog knit the rest on teh needles
N3- knit ti last 3 sts, ssk, knit 1

Then i have a decrease row as follows. 3,3,2,2,1,1,1, decrease evry row. And i do a decrease row inbetween each of the numbers.

knit 3 rows
knit 3 rows
knit 2 rows
knit 2 rows
knit 1 row
knit 1 row
knit 1 row
then jsut keep doing dec rows till you have 8-10 needles left.

Cut yarn and weave thru the remaingin sts and then tie off and weave in the tail.

As for my sons socks. Ill have to come back and write up the pattern. I'll try and do a rough draft of it.

CO 50
knit 3 purl 2 for 10 rounds
knit for 6 rounds
short row heel with 25 sts
knit till there is 2 inches before the toe decreases

I also followed the decrease as my husbands socks. But did 3,2,2,1,1,1.

I hope that makes sense. Its my first time actually trying to write out a pattern. Sorry.

Tyvor's Christmas blanket

SInce i made my daughters a blanket for Christmas i tried finding a pattern that looked similiar to theirs and took me forever but i finally found one and i love it.

I used all of the sraps i had from longies that i have made for him and here is what i got. I love it!!

I cant remember where i found the pattern.

Blankets for Christmas

When christmas comes around i usually sew a blanket or buy a blanket for my kids. SO this year i thought id make them fro them. These are my first attempts at blankets and i love them.

I used worsted weight yarn adn size 9 needles. And a pattern on

This one is for my 10 month old that is very into colors and loves it.

This one is for my 4 yr old that loves pink!!!

Dolls for the kids for Christmas

A friend of mine made these for her neice and then i loved them and had been wanting to buy some for my kids for stocking stuffers and so i went at it and made them for my kids. I so hope that they like them.

I used mostly cascade 220 worsted weight yarn. I used up alot of my scrap yarns for these dolls which was awesome. And i used this pattern from ravelry.

Halloween Hat

Whipped this up for my little one for the halloween season and she wore it very little, doesnt like things on her head!!

Used a pattern on

Lady bug Halloween Longies

Well my youngest was going to be a lady bug for halloween so i decided to make her a pari of longies to go with her outfit for the cold weather. They are made out of cascade 220 adn knit with my own pattern.