Sunday, July 19, 2009

Goldfish Skirtie

I have always loved the goldfish dyed yarn and i was wondering one day what color to dye my yarn that i had sitting around and i went searching fro colorways and ran into the goldfish yarn and so i went at it and this is what i got.

I am so in love with this skirtie i had to go get a shirt made to go with it. So i ordered a custom shirt that is orange and has a fabric that is called "Fish in a bag" put on the front of the shirt in the shape of a fish. I cant wait fro the shirt to come. It should be a week maybe a week in half.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

White rainbow Skirtie Auction

I still have this skirtie for sale, $30ppd please feel free to contact me if you would like it.

It is from Gaia Merino and the rainbow is Henry attics Licorice twist. Its a size small a nd fits from 10 lbs to about 22 lbs. and has much stretch to it.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

4th of July Capris

4th of July was coming and by coming i mean like next day coming. And i had realized that Texy didnt have any 4th of July themed wool. So i tore my yarn apart looking fro my yarn and i finally found it and came up with some capris fro her adn they fit her nicely and just the right amount of yarn was left to make them. So now all the kids have the same yarn colored wool, Ty has shorts, Taryn has a skirt and Texy has capris. I had dyed this yarn last 4th of july adn had it left over for Texy this year.

Blue/Yellow Shorts

Well after TYvor's longies got felted i have missed them so bad, i was going thru my yarn and i found that i had soem yarn left over from the longies and so i went to making some shorties for him. I love them and so does he!!!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Taryn's B-day Dress

Well my baby girl turned 4 on June 28th and she had been begging me to make her something or if i started something new she would ask me if it was for her. So i figured id do something for her bday. But since she's not in diapers she cant wear what i mainly wear and she has a few that i made from last year that she wot wear no matter how much i beg her. So i figured she loves dress's why not make her one.

So i went searching for a pattern and couldn't find one like what i had imagined in my head. So i started making it up as i went. Well after 4 times restarting the straps to her dress i finally got what i wanted and kept going.

It is a spaghetti strap but in the end we had to cross the straps int eh back to make it fit a bit better. And its made out of sock yarn and is 18 inches long from the arm pit to the edge of the lace on the bottom. It took me about a week in between doing her cake and planning everything. out.

White Rainbow Skirtie

I made this from left over yarn i had from a rainbow skirtie i made Texy about a month ago. I am trying to sale it to get more yarn. So if anyone is interested. But it was made in in 2 days and is a size small.
Made from Gaia Merino and Licorice Twist. Done on size 8 needles like all my other stuff. It light weight and very breathe able.

Candy Apple Triple Ruffle Longies

I had gotten this yarn sometime last year. I think around X-Mas time and jsut never got around to making Texy anything and i jsut got an idea to make some longies for her and had just donea triple ruffle pair of monster longies so i figured I'd do triple ruffles on these.

I dont remember the what store i bought it from. a WAHM dyed it. But named it Candy Apple!!

They are a size Small with a 9 inch inseam.