Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Taryn's B-day Dress

Well my baby girl turned 4 on June 28th and she had been begging me to make her something or if i started something new she would ask me if it was for her. So i figured id do something for her bday. But since she's not in diapers she cant wear what i mainly wear and she has a few that i made from last year that she wot wear no matter how much i beg her. So i figured she loves dress's why not make her one.

So i went searching for a pattern and couldn't find one like what i had imagined in my head. So i started making it up as i went. Well after 4 times restarting the straps to her dress i finally got what i wanted and kept going.

It is a spaghetti strap but in the end we had to cross the straps int eh back to make it fit a bit better. And its made out of sock yarn and is 18 inches long from the arm pit to the edge of the lace on the bottom. It took me about a week in between doing her cake and planning everything. out.

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