Monday, December 7, 2009

Sweaters for the kids

Well we had a cold front come thru and i didnt have a sweater nor a heavy jacket for my youngest. SO i thought hey why not make her a sweater and since it turned out way cute i decided id make a sweater for each of my kids. Well i still have one sweater left and ill start that here soon. But here are the sweaters and i couldnt find a pattern that i loved and saw in my head that i wanted so i took a pattern and just used the CO sts and then made it up as a went. I tend to do that with all my projects. LOL My friend tells me to follow a pattern at least once and i dont know if i ever have. Wait i think i have but it had to be followed or else it wouldnt work and that was the dolls i made the kids for Christmas (soon to come).

And i thought why not make my sons with the favorite team that we like!! GO VIKINGS!!!!!

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