Friday, January 9, 2009

A few Christmas girfts

Well my DH had been begging me for a knitted hat for years since i started to knit mid 2006 close to the end of 2006. And i for some reason can sit and knit longies for hours on end and be fine, but when it comes to knitting a hat the decreases mess me up terribly. I have attempted two otehr hats fro ym DH and neither had turned out. So i finally decided to sit downa nd concentrate on this hat fro my DH. Well i did and once again when i reached the decreases i low and behold messed up. But got it to look decent and finished it. Well that hat ended up not fitting my DH's big head so i wrapped that up and gave it to my 14 yr BIL. He loved it cuz it matched his brothers that i made another one of. So in the long run i made two of the same hat but different sizes and the second one that i made for my DH fit him this time and he loves it and wears it everywhere.

Another Christmas gift that i decided to make was for my two older kids(3 1/2 and 16 months). They were fun to make but took about a week and half. I made them while we were in Dallas with my DH on his job venture. But here are a few pics of them. On one side is the Upper case letters and on the other side is the lower case alphabet. They are also bean bags so they can have fun with them as well.

Alphabet Bean Bags

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