Friday, January 9, 2009

Knitting for a third baby

Ever since i found out i was having a third baby i couldnt wait to find out waht the gender of the baby was so that i could start knitting whatevre came to my mind for the baby. So here are a few of what i have done while being at home with my 2 kids running around.

These longies i knitted while i was stuck in Lubbock, TX with my DH who had been sent out fro training fro his new job. They had told us he would be gone from August 15th to October 15th possibly the 1st of November. But the first of October rolled around and me and the kids missed him so we took a drive north thru Texas to go see him. So while i was in Lubbock with him i went out and bought me some new needles and yarn and started to knit. I never knew how fast newborn longies would go since i had never knit that small before.

When i started these longies it ook me awhile to decide what i watned to do, but i knew i watned it to be her coming home outfit. So i made it really girly and i loved the stripes. So int eh end i decided to make a hat to go with it. And all that is left is to find a really cute shirt to go with the star on the butt of the longies.

And a cute little hat to come home in or to wear for the first time.

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