Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Monsterly Love!!!

Here are a few brothers that all love each other but are being seperated by families. I had a fun time making them and hope they get a lot of love from their new owners.

Brothers or Monsters they all love each other. Hence the Monsterly LOVE!!!!!!

I started out making the blue monster shorties and when i got done with them i realized that i would have enough to mkae some more out of the three same colors and decided to rearranget eh colors and make 2 more pair of shorties. Well the orange shorties came out and they were for Tyvor and still realized i had more yarn left over to make another pair of monster shorties so they are on the needles right now as i am typing them.

Pair 1- Blue face, orange mouth and eyes. These were made for a trade of the Hurley outfits for the girls.

Pair 2- Orange face, green mouth and eyes. These were made for Tyvor and he is loving them to death. They have already been washed twice and need another shving. He always wants them on and throws a fit for them on.

Pair 3- Green face, blue mouth and eyes. These pair are going to be for the store that i open up in June.

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