Thursday, April 16, 2009

Monster Longies Trade

These longies are fro a great mom that was willing to trade a couple outfits made from hurley fabric for ym 2 girls and these are the longies that she wanted. She loved the monster bum and then wanted the double ruffle on the bottom.

They are made from Cascade 220 yarn on size 8 needles and using the picky pants pattern on the waistband and the gusset and then i make up the rest as i go. So no pant ever turns out the same. I lvoe it that way cuz i hate following a pattern. The color of the yarns are Dark Navy Blue, Flamingo Pink, and Purple. They go so well together, I love them to death and am sad to see them go. Oh well i guess ill have to make my Texy some later on. LOL

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