Friday, February 27, 2009

A few customs

Well i have a great friend that has a sister that watned some knitting donea nd i needed some diapers fixed for me for the new baby. So we agreed to do a trade and i would knit her some things while she fixed my diapers. I was so excited and cant wait to get these customs cone and get my diapers back so i can start cloth on the new baby. Well i have finished a couple of the knitting jobs i am doing for her.

And if your wondering, yes i tried them on Tyvor, he even modeled them for me. He was a good spot abou tit. Might not be when he is older but he liked to try them on for pics. LOL

I love how the longies turned out and the hat i have to fix jsut a bit on the bottom to make the neck longer. but here they are. I lvoe them!!!!

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